A day at the sailboat race

Seaford Yacht Club Oyster Roast Race 2016 in October. Lower Chesapeake Bay. I'm on the committee boat that starts and finishes the race. It's the best seat to have for those parts of the race. The race today will be 9.6 miles on a triangular course and run about 2 hours. We were supposed to have the race the week before but Gale warnings solved that decision. SO a week later nice weather decent wind but only two boats. It;s still a great day for a race.

This is Gator. A 35 ft Nightwind. Dave ()standing) has been a racer a very long time and wins a whole lot too!
This is Romanus II and skipper John is at the helm. This is a 30 catal
This is Malcolm on the Committee Boat. start the race and call the finishes computing time and the handicap.
This is John he is also on the Committee Boat. Holding flags and calling starts and finishes. Bill our skipper is not shown, but neither am I.
The two boats cross the star line with Gator in the lead.
Gator approaches the finish line for 1st place.
The crew on Gator as they are about to finish.
Romanus II approaching the finish Line.
The crew on Romanus II about to finish.
The post behind the boat is a marker for the channel and between me and it is exactly the finish line. Romanus II 2nd place!
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