Planted in the early 1930s, the picturesque oak stands 70 feet tall and 97 feet wide; its trunk circumference is an impressive 14 feet when measured at chest height. Located in Williamsburg, Virginia it is the largest Compton Oak known to exist. National and state records don't record hybrid tress.
The Compton is a named hybrid of the Live Oak and the Overcup Oak. Live Oaks are not all that hardy this far north even though Willimansburg does have them two blocks down the street. The Compton is a hybrid created to survive farther northern lattitudes. This image is from late fall when the leaves are pretty thin. The Compton does not lose all it's leaves in the fall but drops many to save moisture over the winter. It will fill in quite solid in later spring.
The branch extending to the left is about 60 feet long. You could have a cocktail party in August under this tree with 100 freinds and they would all be well in the shade. This image required a 8mm lens to fit in the frame.
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