f/2.0 Potraits include portraits shot with wide open aperture f/2.0 or larger. The focus and the depth of field often create visual eefects that are pleasing. A little Bokeh always is welcome too.  No flash photography was used. None of these images has much more than a little Lightroom Develop settings adjusted.
Walt and Laurie
Chuck (his wife feel in love all over again)
Jake and Ginger at a 50's party. B/W seemed like the way to go for this one. This was indoors at f/1.8 Ginger went for the shallower depth of field.
An overcast day and some misty rain won't always kill your shoot. I was worried but it would be a long before I would have another shoot. The soft light was very good but a tad low. A lttle extra ISO and Everett was a star. 2 year olds don't care about rain. On their own play equipment they know what to do.
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