A photo essay about "Lorraine", a work boat on the lower Chesapeake Bay. Lorrraine is a wooden work boat and it's tied to the two pylons you see on the far side of the boat. It swings with the tide and wind in a somehwat sheltered loaction. The house you see in the distance is to the west and north but is as far east as solid land extrends except this small extention that ends at the "State Dock". It's a public dock for the waterman to unload the daily catch. You see the "Old Dock" and I'm standing on the "New Dock". Behind me is an old building that is used to unload the catch and organize it into pallets that are loaded onto regfrigerated trucks at the end of the day. They don't process or staore any catch here. The do park trucks. Waterman leave before sunrise and are back by 3 PM to unload. 
A closer view of Lorraine.. The mast can have a boom attached. They have lights, radar and radio as well as a winch for pulling up crab pots. They also fish with nets, set crab pots, and bring up oysters / clams from the bottom  This varies based on time of the year and restrictions. 
You see a small boat tied to two poles. It's used to get out to the main boat they tie up so they can get back. It's high tide now so you need boots to get to the little boat. This part of the worlds is mostly salt grass with small islands of Southern Pine. The exposure tends to strip lower branches and can make a weathered looking scene.It's quite striking in the golen and blue hours of the day. It's your worst nightmare in a hurricane where the water would be over my head where I'm taking the picture.  
New Boat Old Boat
The Old boat was tied up a while back. You can see it on Google earth. But as with the Old Dock and New Dock the old boat is pulled up at low tide. Bow and stren lines still attached but the old boat is filled with water. The new boat (not really new) is now in it's place.
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