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I went to P L Duncan Trucking in Columbia, Virginia last year. It's a 2 1/2 hour drive into the middle of nowhere. Quite pretty near the upper James River. P L Duncan Trucking is a trucking company with specialty trucks for transporting about anything. Not a huge operation but it includes a lot of farm land. Many Many years ago they collected old trucks. People brought them more! It's a cross between a junk yard and a museum. You can't scavenge here but they don't do anything to protect the collection. Mr Duncan is the 2nd generation and is photographer friendly if you don't open the doors (they can fall off). After a few hours of shooting you get the idea, go home and review the images. You then decide you must go back and try more things. So I did. I'll go back again as we have a group that likes to go, Fall is best and Google the name and you'll find it with a street view too.

I shot this truck the last time and after a year it still is where I found it last time. The black and white seem to express the idea better.
It was a bright day in November so the light is shall we say harsh. This trip[ I was looking for more iconic detail shots.
Autocar is not a popular brand today. A trip to P L Duncan Trucking is to embrace the rust!
The trucks got parked and they stay where they are and the weeds grow where they will.. In this case a vine grew into a hole at the base of the stack on the far side. Whet up the stack to the light and this is the result. This does not happen in a just few years.
A Super color Infrared image. The long wavelength gets interesting reflection on the paints (or lack there of). The contrast is sharper as well.
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